Fat Mature Sex Movies

Fat Mature Sex Movies


Ideals of beauty are continually changing. What one perceives as beautiful at home may not be what the other person perceives as being beautiful. For this reason we have a wide variety of likes and dislikes which include sexual interests and fetishes.

Some of these interests are quite common, such as the case of same sex attraction. Others may not be as common such as an interest in water sports.  What they all have in common though, is an expression of interest and diversity.

So what it is about fat sex and the sexual interest in mature people?

Mature people exude sexual confidence. They’re generally well aware of their bodies and what they like and what they dislike and they’re more than happy to vocalize that.

An interest in mature figures such as MILFs and DILFs from both heterosexual and homosexual sexualities, arguably lies in their sexual confidence, maturity and stability.

To be with an older sexual partner is often seen as an accomplishment as opposed to being considered of a taboo nature. It has seen a steady stream of support from popular culture and Hollywood. Intergenerational relationships are no longer seen as being gross, or taboo. Being in a fat relationship is becoming an accepted part of the dating arena

There’s no shame in liking mature people, or people considered to be fat.

Though society is very quick to play the blame and shame game when it comes to being ‘overweight’. Fat sex is perceived to be a major issue, as larger people are deemed to have significant health issues. As such, many people find larger sexual partner to be unattractive. Their loss. This website is a celebratory website of all things fat.

We will explore issues surrounding fat sex in both heterosexual and homosexual sexualities. Health risks concerning fat sex, why fat sex is amazing, coping with society and a variety of other things regarding fat people and their lovers.

It’s an all-encompassing website. So sit tight, hang on and enjoy the ride because it’s going to be a doozy.

Fat Woman Embracing Her Sexuality

History of Fat

There have been many arguments for and against fat. With the most common debate raging as to whether being fat was considered to be beautiful.

This image has been challenged, and debated throughout time and history. What the debate fails to acknowledge though is the difference between being beautiful and being desirable. This debate centers on the idea that various historians acknowledge that the ideals of being fat were considered to be advantageous throughout the history of humanity.

Garabed Eknoyan M.D., from the Baylor College of Medicine put forth this idea in a 2006 article on the history of obesity. In it he argued that being fat in our history would put us on the genetic edge. Food was not always going to be available, and if the food was going to be scarce due to a harsh winter, or other natural disaster, then we needed back up reserves to survive.

This image of being fat has existed throughout time.

In 1908 a stone figure named the Venus of Willendorf was found. What made this figure different to other figures that had been found was that there was no evidence that this figure had been altered by natural elements. A figure, dating as far back as 25,000 B.C. was given as proof that the being a larger individual was in fact celebrated throughout history.

Despite this cultural evidence, a modern and thin obsessed society still believes that it is politically and socially correct to both stigmatize and ridicule larger people. National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance’s goes so far as to state that “Fat discrimination is one of the last publicly accepted discriminatory practices” in Western Culture.

With obesity rising, so too are the fetishes surrounding larger women and men and the expression of love towards curvaceous people.

There’s no shame in loving large people

As a matter of fact there have been countless historical studies preceding our fatphobic era which have determined that fat was considered the ideal beautiful image. Fat, at one stage, was synonymous with wealth, prestige and luxury. Indeed within the nomadic tribes of Afghanistan, fat men and women are still equated to having a better socio-economic status in comparison to their thinner friends.

This is a trend which encompasses; Tahiti, Samoa, South Africa, Jamaica, Fiji and Tonga.  Even if it doesn’t directly relate to socio-economic status. Being fat in these countries is attributed to happiness, material prosperity, kindness and social harmony.

An idea which seems ludicrous to Western cultures. It is thus clear that the discrimination of fat, and larger individuals, exists primarily within Western and Modern cultures.  Fat Shaming has been around since the mid 19th century in England.  Amy Farell claims in “Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body” (NYU Press, 2011). It was during this period within which the first dieting book was published.

Fat Shaming Postcard Why Fat People Are Shamed In Society

Fat Became Enemy Number One

It’s interesting to note that during this stage, where being fat became public enemy number one, that the discrimination was generally centered on women and women’s bodies.

Women must have thigh gaps, and that in modern depictions of beauty large butts and breasts are celebrated. An image not often found naturally on thin bodies. This has resulted in numerous body image issues and resulted in higher rates of plastic surgery and other medical procedures.

It is clear that there is a battle raging on between depictions of beauty and accepted body images. Arguably, it centers around a ‘health conscious’ society. And health initiatives promoted by governments and organizations who claim that being fat is a drain on public resources. That it needs to be eradicated. Such arguments ignore other cultures, or places Western Societal ideologies as the ‘correct’ ideology. And ignores the celebration of fat throughout history.

Indeed painters such as Peter Paul Rubens celebrated the curvy

Whales, BBWs, chubby, bears in his illuminating artworks and are indicative of the fact is that, both now. In the past there are a surprisingly large amount of people that love fat women and men. This belief goes a long way into the opening up of minds of people across the world.  It helps them accept not only who they, but also who they love and fantasize about.

Whether or not this is attributed to some innate understanding whereby fat is considered to be of a higher class. Or whether they’re seen to be more fertile or some other reason it’s clear that there are some people that simply love it. These people have formed their own dedicated fan club to fat people and are colloquially known as chubby chasers.

Chubby chasers have formed dedicated dating websites, blogs and a variety of websites. To demonstrate their love and affection for the fuller female figure. They might be large themselves, or they might actually be quite small. There is no real definition of a chubby chaser. As they come in all sizes, shapes, genders and sexualities.

Sex Positivity

There is no shame in being fat. Recent sex positive movements have celebrated body image and the idea that it comes in all shapes and sizes. The sex positive movement recognizes the differences in body image and acknowledges the harm that pressure places on people. Being fat is not a shameful thing, and rather it should be celebrated and enjoyed.