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Mature adults look at the sex drive differently than others. Some mature adults choose to give up on having mature sex due to the emotional and medical challenges of growing old.  Other people after having prostate surgery, diabetes, or heart issues will have difficulty in gaining erections. They might feel that because they can no longer have erections then there is no point in attempting sex.

That’s a negative thought, as these days urologists will provide mens advice and recommend penis pumps or vacuum devices to help with erectile dysfunction.

You can, at pretty much any age barring disfigurement or severe disabilities, restart your sex drive.

It might just take a little patience, and understanding of the road blocks that are in your way. Keep in mind that sexual activity is very beneficial for your health as you become a mature individual.  And can even help you keep in shape both mentally and physically.

Some of the roadblocks that might be preventing you from enjoying an active and healthy sex life are as follows.

Roadblocks Affecting Performance

  • Emotional Roadblocks

Emotional issues and mental disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression can all drastically affect your interest in sex, your performance and your ability to get aroused. Severe issues that need medical attention such as depression, body image issues and others, might also have the consequence of interfering with your ability to emotionally connect with your loved one.

  • Body Image

You’re getting older, you’re paying more attention to the grey hairs, love handles and the cellulite than you should be. Let these things go. All that these thoughts will lead to is you feeling less attractive and less confident which can be a mood killer for sexual activity with your partner. Such negative feelings can make the idea of sex and intimacy to be far less appealing. Body image can be helped by communicating with your partner. For more serious disorders, seek medical help.

The Sex Drive
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  • Self-Esteem

Life is changing, there might be changes at work, and you might be considering retirement or a bunch of other major life changes which are affecting you. These changes can severely undermine your self-esteem and leave you feeling low and less attractive to others. Talking and communication to your partner will help alleviate these feelings, though if they persist you might also be suffering from depression and require medical assistance.

  • Performance Issues 

Worrying about how you’re going to perform in the bedroom is never going to be a good thing. This can lead to wondering if you deserve sexual attention from your partner and begins a dangerous cycle. In men, this can result in temporary impotence which compounds the issue, women might suffer from vaginal dryness, lack of arousal and orgasms. You might have faced these problems before, you might not have, but it’s certainly going to be responsible for affecting your sex life if you allow it to.

These are usually just small bumps in the road

If you can effectively deal with them. Leaving them to fester will compound the problem and make them much harder to overcome. Here we will provide you with a few tips in how to move past the roadblocks and deal with them.

Moving Past Relationship Roadblocks


Talk to someone about the issues that are bothering you. Ideally, this should be your partner, but alternatively can also be a friend, counsellor, therapist or doctor. The issues might be physical, or they might be emotional and they can generally be fixed or alternatives provided so long as there is open communication with someone. You might have to open up, and explain the anxieties that you’re feeling, you might need reassurances, whatever the issue we cannot emphasizes enough just how important the act of talking is.

the sex drive
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Just Do It

Whilst this might not seem like solid advice, just throwing yourself off the deep end and putting yourself in the flames can be a health and necessary exercise. You might be surprised at the reaction, you might receive pleasure and satisfaction even if you weren’t necessarily in the mood to begin with. It can be beneficial to simply get back into practice. That’s not to say you need to force yourself despite not dealing and acknowledging your insecurities, but to surge forward despite the insecurities. There’s a subtle, but important difference between the two.

More Active

Engage on daily walks, and increase your general activity level. This will not only help battle mental illnesses such as depression, but is also going to increase your sense of health and well-being.

Just Let It Go

Let go of as much baggage as you can. You’ve survived life this far so you’ve got some things going for you already. Be open, wise and honest with yourself and try and let go of unnecessary feelings of inadequacy and incompetency. They’re not helpful. Again, most of these will disappear with communication.

Knowing when to Seek Professional Help

Doesn’t matter how old you are, the complete loss of desire for intimacy and touch is not normal. In this situation it would be beneficial to seek medical advice and have the issue looked at by a doctor. Sometimes it’s an indication of a medical problem.

There is no need to be embarrassed or shy, sex is an important and healthy aspect of life and anything that is getting in the way of allowing you to do that will need to be addressed. Working with a medical professional in regards to dealing with concerns about your sex life, will mean that you can easily and effectively regain control. Start living a happy and sexually fulfilled life once again.

You will need to keep in mind that any illnesses, or diseases

Which affects your general health and well-being will also most likely affect your sexual function and arousal as well. Illnesses that involve the heart, a high blood pressure, diabetes and depression can all affect your sex drive in negative ways.

Combatting these illnesses will need to be a discussion between you and your doctor. On top of that, there are also certain medications which can affect your arousal and sex drive. If you find that a new medication is interfering with your sexual function, speak to your doctor abut alternatives.


Age is Just a Number

Hopefully by now after reading this guide, you have realized that age is just a number.

Sex and sexuality is something that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and of all abilities, genders and sexualities. Just because you feel a little bit over the hill, doesn’t mean that you should give up your sex life in favor of something easier.

Working on relationships, actively promoting your sexual function is an ongoing process that takes time, patience and sometimes a little bit of courage.