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Dominating Granny – A FemDom Story


Heard about the dirty granny? Now do you want to hear about Dominating Granny?  Well Judith pointed to the elderly woman sipping a wine glass by the white fence and nodded encouragingly at me. She winked and then smiled.

“That’s her,” she said. “That is Moreen.”

I followed her gaze to try and find the woman that she’d been talking about all week to me. It was a late afternoon BBQ, the sun was almost over the horizon and already growing a little dark so I had to squint to get a good look at Moreen. She was not what I would have expected, based on Judith’s earlier explanations.

Dominating Granny
Friends At A Sex Party

“You wouldn’t believe it to look at her,” Judith had told me a few days earlier after a number of double scotches at the local bar. In a way, I knew that her trying to set me up with someone else was her way of telling me she was over me. But from the lingering gazes, and the twinkle in her eyes in some ways she was still hoping I would sleep with her again. Despite that relationship being well over. She was in her late forties, like me.

She was not bad looking, there was still an aged beauty and confidence about her, but I had wanted more. That, and she was a gossip. “Moreen is as aristocratic as they come. Rich husband. Mansion. Kids moved out. And her husband passed away over 15 years now.”

“How old is she?” I had asked as I sipped my scotch.

She paused and her eyes crinkled. “I guess she must be about 80 now. Maybe even older. I’ve known her for 30 years now, and I still don’t know her age” She giggled slightly, almost spilling some of her wine as she gesticulated wildly and continued on.

“She certainly doesn’t look it though, does she? She takes really good care of herself, or at least her hair. She’s lost a considerable amount of weight and barely eats. I think she had hip replacement a few years back and she can’t drive anymore. Nice hands, still plays the piano and not unattractive, really.”

“For an 80 odd year old woman, you mean,” I had interjected.

“I guess so. There’s just this one thing though Judith had continued. “Now, this is in the strictest confidence. She only told me this once, and she’s never mentioned it again. She came over one day with some chicken for me when you dumped me the last time.”

“Sorry,” I had said. (I wasn’t). I sipped another scotch, sill gazing towards Moreen. “Go on.”

“Would you believe it if I told you that she told me she masturbates multiple times almost every day. Isn’t that amazing! She told me she pretends she’s being used and wishes it could happen in real life. She actually cried when she told me that she had to whip herself just to get off! She’s an honest to god submissive bondage queen. I swear that’s what she said.” Judith had paused in relating the story, and glanced at me from over her glass. “Naturally I thought of you…”

And that is precisely the reason as to why I was here now, at this party. Judith, being the wicked bitch she is, put this party together so I could “hook up” (her term) with Moreen. I had to admit I was intrigued with this new information and even a little turned on. I’d been reading some naughty stories recently which involved older women, and I wanted my chance to add to that.

Dominating Granny

I looked over at Moreen like I was sizing up a delicious side of beef. She was a bit taller than myself and moved with a certain elegant grace even though it was clear she was hobbled just a little bit as she shifted her weight to talk to people. Though that was probably from the hip replacement or some other affliction of older people. She looked a little bored, and her smile never wavered, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. She seemed perfectly content to nurse the drink. Nice hair, dyed to hide the grey, and long slender fingers. Her legs were a little thick for my tastes but she had a real waist sandwiched between a generous ass and little belly. She wore a simple green and white skirt which hung just over her knees and a blouse that seemed rather modest for her apparent sexuality. I was intrigued.

A little bit about me . . . I’m mid 40s and while I’m no athlete, I work out a few times a week and have managed to keep my own little paunch under control. Women would often tell me I have a nice smile but I knew that I was no matinee idol. One young fresh out of teenage years girl, I was banging over a weekend told me I have more stamina than any high school boy and, based on her expertise, she probably knew a lot of them.

I was feeling a little light headed myself and I vowed to slow down on the scotch.

Dark and dirties – you may know them as your typical rum and cokes – are my drink of choice and I had kicked back a few already. Having made up my mind, I grinned. I was going to take a little spin at old Moreen and to hell with the consequences.

I looked back at Judith and she was grinning wickedly, enjoying this. What a bitch. I swallowed the rest of my drink and passed the empty glass to Judith, not even bothering to recognize her. With my eyes on Moreen I moved close enough for her to see me but not so close as to engage in conversation. She remained off to the side of the garden fence but seemed well aware, and perhaps a bit agitated of my gaze.

dominating granny
Naughty Grandma In Seductive Black Lingerie

I made no attempt to disguise my glances.

Driven by hormones and a touch of rum I was ready to go. Whether she was looking at me or not, I eyed her up and down and started to like the way she looked. God help me, I did.

Finally, after some nervous glances. Moreen walked over to me. Her face looked a little red and she had the righteous anger of someone familiar with chastising her lesser.

“Can I help you with something?” she asked. Moreen had a pleasant, almost melodious voice. “There’s no need to stare so rudely”

I smiled at her. In for a penny and in for a pound – that was the saying wasn’t it? It was time to go for broke. “I was admiring you,” I said plainly. “I was thinking that you had an incredibly arousing body.”

Moreen seemed stunned at the bluntness and for the first time I noticed her tiny mouth which was pursing slightly, heavily painted in red lipstick, as she tried to work out her response. I continued.

“And, I was wondering what it would be like to see you naked.”

This was the make or break moment. I held her gaze with confidence. We’ve all been here. How is she going to react? There was that moment where you think if you’ve gone too far. But that moment didn’t come. Sure, I was curious as to her response, but I was being nonchalant. If I managed to succeed all was well, and if it didn’t – well there was little chance of her seeing me again, and I’m sure that there was someone here that would like to play. Was she going to slap me, turn and walk away, scream “masher!” or smile? Moreen, always surprising, did none of these things.

After a pause, she finally looked down and simply said, Oh, this old body? I’m nothing but bones and . . .

I interrupted her, politely, but I wasn’t going to let this negativity exist in this conversation.

“It would be a shame if those beautiful tits were not explored by someone who could admire and appreciate them. I was thinking how delightful it would be to suck one of them in my mouth while I massaged your ass and fingered your cunt.” I looked right into Moreen’s eyes as I said this quietly. I wanted to look earnest and at the same time casual, and I was. There was no smiling.

She took a half step back and flushed a little. “Well that’s forward . . .”

“Forward? Let me continue. First I would like to take off your shirt and pants. Then I’m going to take off your lace bra and panties. Actually, no we’ll keep your panties on as I run my fingers from your ears, over your lips, down your neck to your nipples, across your tummy and finally to the honey pot that is your very own hot, wet pussy.

“Oh, my word,” Moreen said, fingering her neck delicately and rearranging her necklace. She was looking around to see if anyone had heard me or saw them. We were in the semi—darkness now. Well away from the part and obscured by a line of trees. I honestly don’t even remember how we got here, so concentrated was I on seducing her. This old woman was turning me on. I loved the way she was casually running her fingers over her navel and adjusting her belt buckle

“So, if I may. What exactly are you wearing under that skirt?” I asked boldly.

“I hope you’re not wearing a pantyhose. I love soft skin”

Moreen shook her head no ever so slightly, but looked around, nervous.

“Those legs are worth admiring. Come on, there’s no one around. Lift up your skirt just a little and let me see those gorgeous legs.” I grabbed my crotch and rubbed it. She glanced down as I did. “I would simply love to see your legs Moreen”

Okay, they weren’t gorgeous at all but seeing her slowly, tentatively hike her skirt first to her knees and then to mid-thigh was incredibly intoxicating, and there was a very definite response that occurred in my trousers. Her breath picked up and I moved closer both to shield her and to take the next step. Finally, she had her skirt all the way up to her waist and I could see the heavy-duty old lady underwear and hear her rapid breathing. She leaned against the fence as though she would fall over if she didn’t.

dominatnig granny
Cheeky Gilf Wearing Thigh High Stockings As She Prepares To Be Dominated

Looking Moreen right in the eyes, I placed my entire hand over her panty-covered cunt.

Then stroked her smooth, chubby leg with the other and finally worked a finger under the panties and stroked her cunt which was lubricated and dripping better than the young lass I had enjoyed the other day.

But Moreen got nervous though and she started to close her legs. I scowled and slapped her sharply on the thigh and her legs reopened in an instant. I placed her hand on the bulge of my trousers and she held it there, still. There was never to be any more disobedience from Moreen.

There was a slight floral scent in the air and the undeniable scent of an aroused woman as she rubbed that bulge delicately. She was more focused on the attention I was giving her and that was more than okay by me. She was breathing heavily now and she threw her head back as I fingered her clit, exposing her neck, which I bent down to trace my finger over. With each pluck she inhaled sharply and now began moaning and rolling her head from side to side. In the dark corners where we were doing our business behind the trees she reached up and began pinching her nipples with her long, delicate fingers.

As I jammed first one, then two and finally three fingers into her soaking twat

She began thrusting slightly against my hand and I could feel the glorious mound of wet, aroused cunt hair against the back of my fingers.

I slowly removed my pussy-juice-soaked fingers from her old twat and put them on her cheek, where she turned and head and sucked them like a hungry baby at the teat. She gripped my bulge more tightly now. So tight that it was like she was holding onto it for support. God, this was one hot, old broad! I thought I was going to cum without even dropping my pants but I took control back and pulled away. I looked at her face and even in the dim light she looked already wanton and ravished and wanting more. Her lipstick was smudged slightly and her eyes rolled as she began fingering herself and I wanted more than anything to fuck her right there until she screamed for mercy. But not here.

Self-control, I’ve always said, is the mark of the true gentleman.

I stared into her eyes, gauging her reaction and she was looking at me expectantly. I was in control.

“Get your bags,” I said simply, wiping my fingers on her chest. I wasn’t getting my suit dirty at this point in time. “Did you drive here?”

dominating granny
Seductive Gilf Sitting On Couch

She swallowed and caught her breath. “No,” she said and I realized I hadn’t heard her say much since I took over her body against the fence. She was trembling a little with excitement. A sweet voice, actually, and nicely scented breath. A little boozy, but, hey, what do you expect, we were at a party. I’d always loved that hint of wine breath. “I came in a taxi.”

“Good,” I said matter-of-factly. “You’re going to come home with me “

Moreen understood all right. She didn’t even respond but rushed off to get her things. A quick and spritely walk that had renewed energy. I waited a moment and then followed. I said good-bye to Judith who had a big smirk on her face and a touch of sadness in her eyes which was not my responsibility, I thought. Lucky me, I was off to have sex with an 80-year-old woman that wanted to get treated like a slave. I’m going to enjoy this.

I waited in the car for her at the front of the house. When she got in the car, Moreen smoothed her dress in a very ladylike fashion that really turned me on. Okay, on second thought, I didn’t need to be turned on at this moment.

I needed to be, well, satiated.

As we drove through the streets to her home, she asked how I’d known her name, and I responded with that someone had spoken of her, I had inquired and then when I set my eyes on her I knew that I had wanted her. Okay. Enough with the introductions. I reached over with my free hand and slid her skirt up and placed my open palm on her crotch. It was delicious and exactly how I liked it, warm and wet.

I couldn’t see her face in the darkness but I could hear her just fine. I was surprised now that she seemed calm while my own breathing was growing faster.

“You’re going to use me, aren’t you?” she asked.

Fearfully or hopefully, I really couldn’t tell. And I really didn’t care. I was horny. That’s all there was to it. “You’re going to make me serve you, aren’t you?”

She slowly spread her old legs apart even more and I took the invitation, grabbing a whole-hand squeeze of her panty covered wet cunt before I answered smoothly. I forced myself to sound calm. “This is what I am going to do to you tonight. Listen carefully. I will not repeat this.

I’m going to strip you naked in front of me. I’m then going to inflate your pussy with my tongue. I’m going to make it big. Make it wet. Then I’m going to look you over. All over.

Then I’m going to fuck you. I will fuck you hard.

Then, after I am done. You will suck my cock clean.” I turned to her. I could see her great old breasts heaving in the semi-darkness of the car. “I’m going to use you any way I see fit. If you have any questions, whatever they might be, you had better let me know now.”

Moreen was quiet and dignified when she responded, and quite matter-of-fact, actually. I was not expecting the conversation to take this turn.

“When Frank was alive he always treated me as his slave. He showed me how to suck him and really enjoyed his penis in my ass.” It was truly shocking and incongruous to hear this dignified and respected woman say these words as casually as if she were ordering up a latte.

“If you would like, you can fuck my ass as often as you like.

Frank had a big cock and I could take all of it down my throat but it has been a while. Might have to be used a lot before I’ll be able to take you without gagging.”

I had no idea where this change in attitude had come from. Like a little lioness she had such boldness.  I couldn’t believe my ears. And I put reached over and put my hand over her mouth. She remained still, having given her the message, I casually reached up and squeezed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I could even feel the thing hardening from beneath the old-lady bra. Still, I managed to laugh.

“You certainly aren’t shy, are you?” I said. She looked at me, expectantly. Having just told her to be quiet, I had to nod before she spoke.

“I’m far too old to be shy,” she said evenly.

“I just want you to use me in every way you want, as often as you want. You can just come to my house and have me. At any time. I’ll be whatever you want.”

Was I hearing right? Where has this woman been all my life?

“You knew from the start that I was hungry and horny for cock, didn’t you? I wondered why you walked up to me in that way. Now I know. You just walked up to me and told me you were going to strip me naked and look at me. You have no idea what that did to me. I was almost cumming when you had your fingers in me, stroking my pussy.

Please take me and use me . . .”

I wasn’t at her home yet but I steered off the road in a dark, little-travelled area of the road under a tree. I pulled her to me and tongue-fucked her old, wet mouth and she responded like no woman I have ever known. I rubbed her wet pussy, her soft belly and I put her breasts beneath my teeth. Moreen moaned and pressed her hand over mine, forcing it hard against her cunt. I wanted to grab her ass, her tits, and her legs. I wanted to fuck her in every single way possible by the tree under the moonlight and watch her old lady eyes roll back into their sockets like a shark feasting on warm rotting flesh.

“Please, sir, take me home,” she managed to croak, her eyes closed heavily as she sighed, her breasts heaving. Even in the half-light I could see a hard nipple beneath her bra.

Yes, I thought, this was one fruit that I wanted to pick at my leisure

There were too many things that could go wrong here. I put the car in gear and followed her panted directions to her home, all the while fingering and teasing her dripping cunt. It was a lovely home, really, though I barely saw it. It was large with a small fountain in the front garden, and it had many rooms and beautiful gardens. It’s true that I’ve always found my best fucks have been great gardeners and based on the size and beauty of these gardens, I was going to be in hog high heaven very soon. Don’t know why, maybe it’s their loving and caring nature. The fingers, the sensual nature

“Park your car in the garage, sir.”

We pulled into her garage shut the door. She stepped out of the car and looked at me expectantly.

“Strip naked,” I commanded. “I want to see your naked body right now. Show it to me.”

Moreen removed her clothes as calmly as if she were preparing to step into the bath, not once did she break her gaze. Defiant as she was. Her body was lumpy but ripe, just as I had hoped with two large tits topped (or bottomed because they drooped considerably) by large nipples. I walked around her, as if inspecting cargo, and directed her to stand still while I did so. She had more hair on her cunt than I expected and it was light and wispy. A droopy ass but nice and full with a wide crack I could not wait to explore later. I slapped it and she jumped a little. But now . . .

“On your knees, Moreen.” I unzipped my pants, I never wore underwear with these pants, so she was face to face, as it were, with my hardening cock. It unfolded quickly. She stared at it excitedly and her droopy breasts heaved with excitement.

I flexed my cock and made it wriggle.  “At me,” I said. “Look at me.”

Moreen reluctantly turned her gaze from my cock, almost dripping with excitement already, and stared in my face. As she did so, I held her face between my hands and I forced my cock into her mouth. Almost gagged in surprise at the force of my movement, though I had thought that I was being gentle.

She started slobbering and was gagging and struggling a bit as I pushed the back of her old grey head onto my entire dick. I wasn’t releasing my hold. Sink or swim. She tried to escape at first, until she remembered how to breath and swallow. Before long, she had calmed down and I began a nice, slow mouth fuck as Moreen looked up into my face.


“You old cock sucker, you love sucking my cock,” I was pumping with increased energy and Moreen’s eyes would roll back and then she would open them again and look up at me, her eyes wet and spit dripping from the sides of her mouth onto her old tits that rocked ever so gently to and fro as I mouth fucked her.

“Eat me, eat me!” I said. “Get used to this Moreen. I’m only just getting started. I’m going to fuck you with my cock until your cunt is red.  Then, and then I’m going to turn you over and fuck your ass until you can taste it gurgling out of your mouth. Do you hear me?”

This rough verbal assault gave new enthusiasm to Moreen who was now eagerly and expertly taking my entire cock into her mouth. I spread my legs further and pulled her closer, taking her head with both hands and forcing it onto my dick. I pulled it out and she tried arching forward for it again.

Instead, I slammed her face against my balls

And the sounds of gurgling and slurping were only interrupted by my soft moans. It was glorious but I didn’t want my first load to happen here.

dominating granny
Seductive Gilf Wearing Classy Ligerie

“Enough!” I said and even with that Moreen took two or three more strokes before stopping and looking up at me for direction. “Up,” I said. “Let’s go inside.”

I helped her up and saw that her knees were a little red from kneeling on the concrete garage floor, she wasn’t complaining though and I wasn’t going to let her. She bent over – a little longer than absolutely necessary to pick up her crumpled clothes from the floor. I slapped her ass with an open hand from the delay and she whelped, then her ass flesh shivered a little. I had never been with such a hot, responsive and bold woman.

“Wait,” I said, then walked up to her from behind and jammed three fingers into her pussy and we walked inside toward her bedroom as I fingered her the entire way. Moreen was walking straddle-legged around my arm. Even though it was difficult enough for her to walk this way, I noticed she had a slightly awkward gait to her that further turned me on. It was cute.

As soon as we got to the bedroom I pulled my hand out of her twat.

Wiped it on her breasts as though I was using a disdainfully pathetic guest towel. “Undress me,”

Moreen was only too eager to comply and my shirt and trousers were off very quickly. More quickly than I had anticipated. She hungrily sought to suck on my cock once again and she reached for it with a delighted gurgle, but I pulled away and picked her naked old body up in my arms and literally threw her onto the multi-covered comforter on her bed, not even bothering to pull back the sheets. She bounced deeply. The bed was very, very, soft.

Her tits bounced and I suckled at them like a pig at a teat biting, pulling and, at the same time, forcing my cock into her surprisingly tight cunt.

“I’m going to fuck you now, you old bitch,” I screamed vehemently.

Surprising even myself. What was even more surprising was the fact that Moreen was in absolute ecstasy and had managed to cum before I even got started. She must have really enjoyed me fingering her as we walked here, the anticipation and the buildup of the night had simply become too much for her and she was off. Her head was flopping left and right as I plunged into her repeatedly, pulling on her tits, biting her nipples, kissing her old mouth and whispering obscenities into her ear that I’m even too ashamed to write here.

She hissed and she screamed and she came again and again as my thumb rubbed her clitoris with a frenzy. I turned her over so she was on top of me and I suckled on her hanging breasts without even lifting my head.

“Look at me Moreen.” I managed to say, breathing hard, slapping her ass and making her entire body sway. I was forcing myself back into her.

“Look at me, Moreen, look at me when I’m fucking you!”

Moreen looked down with an expression of such arousal and pleasure that I have never seen before. And it drove me wilder. I pulled her old body onto mine and she was still pumping at me, grinding her old pussy against my throbbing. I was now ready.

I grabbed her elderly ass cheeks and held her to me until I could feel the explosion coming. “I’m going to paint your cunt with my cum, Moreen. And you’re going to take it all. You’re going to drown in it.”

And with that I drove so much semen through my cock into that aging pussy that I nearly went unconscious. I saw myself as a cum faucet and my climax seemed to go on forever. I don’t know if her screams or my own were louder and I punched buckets of  cum into Moreen’s cunt until we finally collapsed and fell apart on the bed, semen dripping obscenely from her.