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Just because we had an article helping out straight couples, doesn’t mean we don’t get to write about Fat Man Sex to include a how-to guide for gay chubby sex.

Now, sure you can manipulate some of the ones in the other article for chubby sex. But just in case you didn’t want to click the link, we’ll rehash some of them here. Add some of our own!  You might be feeling ostracized by all the twink and twink lovers out there.

But let me tell you a little secret.

Studies have shown that larger men will last longer in bed.

Indeed, researchers from Turkey at Ercives University have shown, after a year long research, that there is a correlation between the BMI and the length of sexual performance. A study concluded that larger men lasted a full five minutes longer than their twinky counterparts. (Take that twinks).

Most people will find gay anal sex to be pleasurable. Though it should be noted that not every gay man will engage in anal sex. A reason why men find that anal sex is pleasurable is the fact that just inside the anal cavity sits the prostate, or the male g-spot.

Most anal sex positions will result in pressure being placed against the prostate from the partner’s penis, or from the inserted object. More pressure and the more stimulation that occurs as a result of this, the more pleasurable that it’s going to be.

There are a variety of different sexual positions and angles

Through which anal sex can be enjoyed and partaken in. These will be different in the pleasure given through several factors such as the size of the shaft. As well as the shape and angle of the shaft as well. Some positions will be better suited for differently angled penises.

If you’re new to anal play we will highly recommend that you get used to your own anus first. Before letting someone else near it. This will help you be comfortable. As well as take some of the pressure and stress off the sexual act and become accustomed to being penetrated.

Using a rubber dildo, a finger or even a piece of fruit that’s been wrapped in a condom are all useful. Though we strongly advise that a rubber dildo would be the safest in conjunction with your fingers.


Fat Man Sex
Gay Doggy Style

Doggy position is one of the most popular positions for gay anal sex and features in a lot of gay porn videos. But it’s especially useful if the top partner is larger than the submissive partner.

This is a popular position for anal play as it allows you to prep the sphincter muscles for sex.You can rim from this position quite easily, and you can insert fingers or your boy’s favorite dildo. Or pretty much whatever you like.  It’s the best position that will help the bottom relax as well.

For more leverage, and a greater angle, make sure that his head is laying on the pillow with his ass pointed up. You’ll be coming in at an angle in this position. Thereby bypassing a lot of the issues that you might have otherwise faced.

In these types of anal sex positions

Is where passion, power and control can really take effect in the gay relationship. It’s an exciting position for either partner. In so much as that the bottom can also take control of the situation from the male who is thrusting. A bottom can wriggle his hips, thrust his pelvis back and move. Or move them in a circular motion to excite the top.

There’s a wide variety of tricks that can be done.


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Gay Man On Top Kama Sutra Position Best For Men With Large Partners

Doesn’t matter how big or small you are, you’re never going to crush someone if you’re on top.

Alternatively, it’s also a great position if you’re the heavier top and your partner is riding you all the way to yee-hah.  One of the great things about this position is that it allows the bottom almost complete control. And for them to not only control the thrusting, but the depth of the thrusting as well.

This can be done in ‘cowgirl’ or ‘reverse cowgirl’ positions.

Reverse cow girl might also be called crab sex. It’s a position known for its flexibility. Where the sitting partner can lean forwards or backwards to hit the spot. Or the bottom partner can keep his legs straight, arched or whatever position he finds most comfortable.

One of the benefits of this position

Is that if you have erectile dysfunction and need to use a pump or a cockring to maintain your erections, then with this position you can be a little less hard than usual. As this position doesn’t require to be completely hard to achieve sexual stimulation for either partner.

One of the best things about the guy on top

Or in a sitting position is that the man receiving has the majority of control. When he’s decided that he’s had enough, or that he’s tired it’s a very simple movement to roll over and begin again in missionary style.  You might not even have to withdraw the penis.

One thing to note is that the guy that’s sitting needs to be sexually confident because he will be the one controlling the pace of the sex. In this position, it’s also incredibly easy to use a Fleshlight on the partner that’s sitting on top. So that you can completely drive him wild in a virtual sandwich sex orgy.


fat man sex
Gay Sex With Man On The Lap Is Easy Sexual Position For Large Gay Men

This position is especially useful if you’re sitting on the side of the bed or the edge of the chair.

You could even do a variation of this through the use of a sex sling or door sling. It means that you can find yourself in a comfortable position. He is then able to insert deeply into the ass for some intense prostate stimulation play. Since you’re face to face, it’ll help with the intimacy and maintaining eye contact.

Using this position you can kiss, cuddle, play with the submissive’s cock, all at the same time amongst a variety of other things.


fat man sex
Face Down Gay Position Will Keep Everything Out Of The Way

This one in particular is very useful for either a large top or a large bottom. As it generally will keep everything free and out of the way.  Only downside to this will be considered to be the lack of intimacy of the position. So you will need to mix it up. Try other things to ensure that you’re maintaining the level of intimacy between the two sexual partners.

These are but some of the few sexual positions

Which can suit gay men and their chubby sex partners. It might be useful to have a look at some gay sex guides online to ensure that you’re not just limiting yourselves to these positions.  Positions, and the ability to maintain those positions, will depend on you and your partner’s flexibility, stamina, balance, and other factors.

So, even if something looks difficult, give it a go anyway. You might find that even if you can’t do that one, you might be able to partake in something similar with an adjustment or two.