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Dirty Granny – A Grandma Sex Story


Believe it or not, let me tell you my Dirty Granny sex story.  It was a lovely warm Sunday I woke to.  Anxious to relax from my job, a non-stop frenzy of real estate brokering and making land deals happen. I work hard and enjoy it. At 65, when most are retired or ready for it, I keep going. Work and pleasure it brings keep me young.

With my curly salt-and-pepper hair and thick but athletic body, I look and feel younger than my years. And certainly act it.

As usual, I lounged around my home not caring what I looked like. My hair was a shaggy mess, a short flannel non-descript gown on. Nothing beneath, save for a falling pair of “granny knee highs,” those tan nylons older women like. I wore them to bed. Now they were falling down around my thick, hard calves.

On my feet, I pulled on a pair of fluffy slippers.I poured myself a tea and pulled up to my computer, getting comfortable in the leather chair, flipping on the screen, and going to my favorite sites.

Anything to do with young men being enslaved by older women!

That was my single favorite desire. One I’d try to act out on occasion, always finding eager young stallions anxious to please an older, demanding mistress.  Not that I was bitter at life or anything. I was content and happy.

Dirty Granny
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I was just starting to settle in and found some videos of older women taking young men’s faces in their pussies. All of which were hairy as mine, wet, wanton, open. Swallowing the stallion’s lips, tongues, and mouths. A dominating granny using them for their singular pleasure.

I was just fingering my hairy pussy to a satisfying degree

My long legs spread, one foot on the desk, the other on the floor, completely enmeshed in desire at the XXX film on my screen. Just seconds away from a seemingly crushing self-inflicted orgasm, when the bell rang.

“You must be kidding me!” I barked to myself, ignoring the bell and continuing to finger my pussy harder. It rang again. And again. The mood was shattered, and I was none too chirpy. Loosely tying the gown around my hips, I stormed angrily to the front door, feeling my falling kneehighs flopping around my legs

“What is it?” I rasped, throwing the front door wide open. There stood a handsome young man, rake in hand, smiling, not at all put off by an old angry woman standing at the front door.

“Good morning, Miss, I was just wondering if you’d like to hire me to rake your yard!” he said with a chirpy almost business like attitude. I looked at him.

Blonde, green-eyed, eager, brilliant smile, tight little body in his t-shirt and jeans.

He’d do.

“How old are you, boy?” I asked. “Eighteen, Miss, and working my way through university,” he answered with a grin. “Would you be interested in my services?”

dirty granny
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“Well, since you interrupted what I was doing you can finish what I had started,” I barked, opening the wooden door wider. “Leave the rake outside, you won’t be needing that.”

“Yes, Miss, no worries I’m quite handy at household jobs as well!” he said, still smiling.

“I hope so,” I said with a dark smile, feeling my gown slip open, knowing he could see my lingerie underneath. A soft black lace bra which barely contained my delicious drooping tits in the opening and the soft hint of my very moist, dark pussy below.

“But it’s really not your hands that you’re going to need, it’s your mouth I want.”

His smile waned just a little bit, confusion sitting there on his pretty-boy face.

“Miss?” he asked cautiously.

“You interrupted my Sunday morning orgasm,” I rasped, reaching for his shirt with one hand and yanking him easily inside. His toned little body plodding along with me as I slammed the door shut behind him. He stood a good five inches shorter than my five-foot-eight. “So now you’re going to finish me!” He stammered and protested, waving his scrawny hands around and could do nothing to stop me as I pulled him to my desk, forcing him to his knees by his hair and pulling off my gown, spreading my wrinkled long legs. He stared at the giant mat of wet gray hair there, my cunt slips glistening from wetness.

“Eat me,” I Rasped, leaning back and arching like a demon possessed.

Reaching up with my calves to wrap around the back of his neck which I used to pull him forward, his face smashing directly into my pussy. “Make me cum!”

“NOoooo..!!!!” he yelled with the hint of a smile, his hollers quickly muffled by my wet pussy as I cupped his head in my hands and gripped his head in my powerful, old long legs, locking my kneehigh-clad calves behind him.

“Tough shit, young man,” I barked, putting my old, fleshy long thighs behind his ears, the flesh quivering and shaking around him as I was rubbing my cunt into his mouth.

Smashing my hairy lips part up against his lips and nose.

Only his green eyes were visible in the lethal clamp of my old long legs, and they were wide open and full of fear as I humped and bumped against his face, squeezing him hard enough to make his face turn green. I laughed at the frantic moans from this pussy boy and the position that he now found himself in.

I worked myself harder against his face, thrusting my thick hips, lifting my sagging ass off the chair, and slapping my pussy to his mouth with a soft thwack. It sounded as if the poor boy was being mercilessly whipped by a leather flogger. He wasn’t eating me so much as my pussy was eating him.

But still, I was enjoying it enough that I could tell today was going to be a day of orgasms. It was just like in the clip playing on my computer screen. I watched that clip now, moaning, now using one hand to lift my tit bags to my mouth to suckle my own nipples. Needed the sensation since this boy was barely moving his tongue. My other hand around the back of his head.

Pulling him so hard into my crotch I thought my cunt would open wide and swallow him whole.

dirty granny
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He yelled in protest, his hands pulling vainly at my thick, freckled long legs.  And the screams vibrated deliciously in my cunt, electrifying my clit mashed against his lips and nose. I folded one thick calf to the back of his neck, and twisted my other leg over his shoulder in a figure-eight pattern. Making any escape now impossible.

I laughed watching him squirm, my long legs bubbled up in flesh and muscle all but obliterating his smooth young face.

“Forget it, boy, no one has ever gotten outta these legs!” I rasped, humping his face harder.

Feeling my pussy open wide, the slick pussy lips dousing his face with my old-lady cream.

“Now stick your tongue out, way out, wriggle it and shake it all about and fuck me with it while I ride your smooth pathetic face!!

As a warning, I redoubled my squeeze, my long legs quaking mightily as I did, his face a gray shade now, his eyes almost tearing. His trembling hands slipping off the sweaty limbs encasing his face and hanging limply at his side. At last he was relaxing. I felt his tongue slither out and drill my hairy opening. I shuddered at the intrusion, humping his lips and mouth and nose madly. Snapping my sex up and down and all over his trapped face.

“Ugh ughugh” I yelled, arching my back, lifting my fleshy ass off the seat and pumping my cum out as I came. Flooding his face, feeling his mouth open to swallow my juice, desperate for air. I

finally stopped cumming and in horror realized I’d nearly gripped the poor boy to sleep.

He was smiling whilst he was panting for breath. So I unlocked my strong legs and let him flop to the floor. At some stage during the struggle had unzipped his pants and his jock strap was proudly showing. I sat up, reached for him and pulled him to his feet.

“Let’s see what you got for me, young stallion,” I laughed.

Pulling his pants the rest of the way down, his hands not even bothering to stop me now. Though they did do a half hearted attempt to brush me out of the way. A quick and stern glare solved that problem. He stopped, looking down at me and gulping as I slipped his pants down over his hips.

His half hard dick springing free. It was a little short, but it was quite thick and juicy. A decent enough specimen.

“Gotta do some work here, I guess,” I sighed. Wanting it to become fully hard in my mouth I inhaled his cock to the balls, feeling it instantly harden.

A soft and delicate moan escaped his lips.

Was this boy a goddam Mormon?

” Can you . . can. . . . ; He started stammering.

‘Look son, I’m not a good girl, I don’t need a talking guide to suck a dick. Now be quiet before you annoy me more. I gave a good twist on his balls for good measure so that he got the point. He grimaced slightly and closed his eyes.

Hard in seconds, not that I’m denying my ability. Now I used one hand to madly stroke his stumpy cock, twisting my freckled fingers around it. Stroking him in and out of me, my other hand frigging my hairy pussy, feeling the cum building. But within a minute of my practiced mouth and hand feeding his cock to my mouth.

I felt him tense and moan and knew he was going to blow.

“Not yet, not yet!” I barked, pulling his cock from my mouth as my hand continued to pump it. Slapping the wet tip on my cheeks, lips and neck, fingering my cunt quickly.

But it was too late, my hand and blow job obviously too good, and he erupted, splashing my face with pulses of sweet boy cream. Thick gobs of cumdripping down my wrinkled cheeks, washing down the thick folds of my neck and coating my bouncing old tits. Before I popped his dick back into my mouth to swallow the last sweet ropes of spunk.

“Bastard!” I yelled, pulling his nuts to force him to his knees.

“Again, you interrupted my orgasm! Now finish me off!”

I pulled him to his knees and slipped up to the edge of my seat.  Taking his hot, semi-hard cock into my clutching cunt with one stroke. Warmth excited him, and his delicious dick inflated faster than a balloon. locking my muscular old legs around him. Folding my calves together and slapping them against his hot young ass. Taking him to the balls inside me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and forced his face to my neck and the bubbling brew there.

“Suck that shit off my old neck, suck up that cum, clean me!”

I yelled, tensing my long legs on his scrawny sides, bending his ribs with the powerful limbs. Grabbing his ears and mashing his protesting face to my throat. “Lick it up, eat it, it’s your filthy cum!”

dirty granny
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He had no choice but to obey as I slammed my feet to his ass. Driving him inside me and smothering his slurping face with my cum-soaked neck wattle. Feeling his tongue and lips slobber over the meat, cleaning it. I moved his face to mine and forced his lips to my forehead, cheeks and chin. Making him suck his jism from them, and then down to my heaving, saggy tits, imprisoning him in the fleshy wrinkled meat. Feeling his hot young tongue slurp up the remaining cum there as I wrapped my powerful old arms around the back of his head.

Holding him tight to my tits, his moans frantic as he fought for air in the slick embrace of my thick white tits.

“Gonna cum….don’t you DARE cum again, you fucker, you wait for me!!” I yelled.

I sat back now, unlocking my legs from his ribs and shooting them up, snaring his young neck in the scissor of my calves, locking my feet behind his head. My legs straight up on his torso, my knee-highs at mid-calf and fluttering back and forth as he slammed his cock into my hairy cunt.

His hands cupped around my clutching shins, trying to pull my muscular lower legs away from his neck where they were cutting his blood flow to his brain, making him dizzy.  He looked down at me, eyes begging for mercy. I smiled darkly at him as I pulled and pushed on my chair’s arms to pound myself into his young dick.

“Not yet…not yet…not yet…” I barked.

But he was a goner as I fucked him blindly, my scorching hot pussy walls contracting and flexing on his plunging dick. And he then went stiff up against the backs of my long legs, my calves knotted painfully around his neck. I felt the scorching shots of cum explode inside me, dousing my womb, filling me with his seed.

Yelled in frustration as I felt his cock soften a bit inside my pussy, my calves thick on his neck, angrily squeezing them.

“Fuck, again you interrupted me!” I roared, quivering my calves on his neck, squeezing the carotids. Making him dizzier as he tried to slip out of me and my legs held him in place. “Goddammit, now finish what you started!!!”

I unsnapped my legs and he fell forward, directly into the thick, pungent bush

Soaking wet lips, his mouth at the gushing hole.

Instantly, I snap-gripped my fleshy, freckled long legs shut around his ears, locking my calves, cupping his head with both hands. Hunching over his moaning, air-starved face, pumping my sex into his trapped mouth, feeling his thick wad gush out of me and directly down his throat.

I worked him harder, pushing and pulling and rubbing, my cunt wide open, hairy lips spread wide. Taking his mouth and nose deep inside my slippery chasm, as I finally gushed out my own orgasm. Squeezing him brutally hard, washing his face with my squirting woman cum. Then I collapsed back into my chair, my whole body in wonderful spasm. My long legs slack and quivering around his face as I gripped the arms of the chair and rode it out.

“Now then,” I laughed, tilting his cum-smeared face up to look at me. His chest heaving as he panted for long-deprived air, my long legs resting on his shoulders. “Go rake my lawn.”

He got up slowly, wiping his face on his arm.

Pulled his pants up and walked toward the front door as I sat back, legs splayed wide, my pussy wet and open, taking his gaze there.

“Uh, will there be anything else you need later, when I’m done? I mean, maybe, like…more work inside?” he asked nervously.

dirty granny
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“You little cum slut!” I laughed, pulling myself to my feet and walking to him to give him a long, wet kiss. Sucking on his tongue and cupping his young ass, pulling him to me. “Yeah, I think I can find more work for you…”

I watched him as I stood in the doorway, picking up his rake and starting on my huge leaf-strewn lawn. He smiled and said

‘Same time tomorrow?’

I laughed and blew him a kiss.

‘Yes. Don’t be late or I’ll have to start by myself again’ and I slammed the door shut.