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Best Fat Woman Sex Positions


There are literally thousands of different sexual positions out there. To put it simply, there are some positions that are easy, some that are hard. And some that are virtually impossible for anyone other than a nationally recognized Olympic gymnast.

At the end of the day, not every single sexual position will work for fat individuals and that is perfectly alright. We spoke earlier about trial and error. It’s simply a matter of going through various sex positions and methodically studying, analyzing them and selecting the favorite ones.

You might need to use sex toys for couples, and you might be fine on your own. If you or your partner decide not to use sex toys then that’s okay.

If you decide to use sex toys

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed, ashamed, or otherwise inadequate. Alright, so it’s not going to be such a formal research. But hey you now certainly have an excuse to have chubby sex more often to go through the various positions. Work out which ones are going to work for you.

Don’t feel like it’s just about you being excessively fat. Making it impossible to do them a great many people experience difficulty with all kinds of sexual positions. So don’t make the mistake of attributing it to you being fat.

fat woman sex
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Communication is Key to Great Fax Sex

More than any guidance or advice that I can give you about where to put cushions, pillows or sex furniture. At the end of the day it’s going to focus on the correspondence with your lover. Discover positions that function the best for the both of you.

You’re going to need to discuss your fat, move it around, and experiment with distinctive and unique positions. Knowing and acknowledging early that it may not work out in that particular position. That’s okay. A fun part should be about the trial and error here. A comical inclination, or an ability to laugh at the mistakes is particularly useful when you’re experimenting with new things.

Laughter will bring a renewed and shared closeness

As you navigate through it. You shouldn’t be humiliated. If you have a cherishing, informative lover then they won’t make you feel that way. And if they do then it’s time to sit down and have a serious talk. I accept that the length of your male partner is important. But only in so far as being able to achieve certain positions.

Whilst you might not have any enthusiasm or inclination towards gravity-defying sex positions. For whatever reason, there are things that simply will not be possible. Whether that be due to his penis length, thighs, or position of fat. It’s important to not despair, pick yourself up and move on to a new position.


fat woman sex
Couple Demonstrate Sex Moves

This is dependent on the belly size between you both.  With the size difference in mind, this position can either work wonders. And not a major ordeal or it can be somewhat of a test and challenging.  A larger tummy as well as thick thighs can and will act as a burden amid the missionary position. But you can make missionary truly work for you in a few unique ways.

In the first place, get those sex cushions out. If you’re unlucky enough not to have any then get your ass down to your local sex store to pick some out.  Put a cushion under either your lower back or directly under your ass. This will help lift the position away from the floor. Make everything far more accessible.

Secondly, pull your knees up, grab hold of your thighs and pull them as far as you can towards your chest whilst still being comfortable.

This will give your lover ideal plunging room

Since this situation moves your thighs out of the way and truly opens the vagina up for profound penetration.

In addition, these basic adjustments on missionary permit you more space to truly feel your accomplice pushing deep. When I was heavier I couldn’t achieve past my tummy to snatch my lover’s butt while he was pushing. And help guide his rhythm and flow, which was a real turn-off for me.

When he started moving me around a bit, I discovered I could finally get a grip on him.  We both began having a great experience. It might also help if you have a cushion or two underneath your back and neck to support your upper body. Which contorts things in a way where he’ll be more able to hit your G-spot.


Fat Woman Tattoo Has Sex With On Top Position And Younger Man

If you ignore everything else I say throughout this article, then you need to listen to this.

You are not going to squash your lover in the event that you get on top of him or her amid sex.  No, you aren’t going to squash, cover, choke, crush, or generally harm anybody you have intercourse with. Regardless of the fact that you’re fair to-god super fataroonie.

Truly. I formally give you authorization right this very minute to get on top of your partner and ride that penis or strap-on until the sun goes down. Or comes back up depending on what time it is where you are.  If you’re in a same-sex lesbian relationship, strap ons are going to come in handy. But it should also be noted that there are also a variety of strap-ons for men that are going to come in handy for men with erectile dysfunction. As well as men that are a little shortcoming.

Trust me. You’ll be fine.

Now that that piece of untruth has been firmly pushed out of the way, here are the means by which to make it work.

Initially, know you may need to move your fat around until it feels good.  When I was heavier, I’d need to lift my gut up and move it around to a different position.  Same with my thighs.  Try not to be reluctant to do it!  Guts hang and thighs can gobble up a smaller more petite lover. So repositioning is essential in those cases.

Second, put a cushion under your sexual partner’s butt to lift him or her higher, so that they can access the g spot.  This makes it far simpler to truly get down on it, and lower yourself onto the penis or the strap-on.  When you do this, uniformly convey your weight by planting your hands immovably on the bed. As opposed to sitting straight up. This will give you heaps of control.

Moving Around

Another issue numerous ladies have with being on top. Other than the trepidation of pulverizing their accomplice. Is portability and the ability to move around.

I’m not going to mislead anybody. Being a fat young lady on top can be physically debilitating and clumsy to make sense of.  In the event that you observe that you find yourself to be drained, permit your accomplice to keep you still and do all the pushing from beneath!

That can be a truly decent trade-off and can boost your time on top. At last, once I made sense of that pushing down on my accomplice was really less demanding. In light of the fact that I was fat, an entire new world opened up!

Less demanding? Yes, I said less demanding! You see, when you’ve got a truly tremendous base, you can utilize the energy and sheer constraint of your butt to push down on your lovers dick.


fat woman sex
Couple Demosntrate Best Sex Positions For Fat People Courtesy Of Fat Mature Sex

Doggie is a most loved fat sex position. In light of the fact that it gives your lover a lot of space to work with, in addition to the stomach is well out of the way.

Nonetheless, in case you’re honored with a particularly huge behind, as I am, you may find that even doggie can be a test. You might need to consider a longer dildo, a male strap on for extra length. Or even the use of a dildo which can change its size with relative ease.

I don’t discover being on all-fours-doggie as simple as a slightly modified doggie where you put your head lower than your behind, popping your ass out towards the ceiling.  That position I find to be the most comfortable and conforming.

You can further alter the doggie position

By setting down with a cushion under your stomach as this position props your butt up making loads of space for him to put his cock inside and it’s super agreeable!  I love it.

If you’re into group sex or watch a lot of group sex porn, or attend group sex parties, you’ll quickly notice that this is also the easiest and most comfortable position to be in for extended periods of time.

What you’ve found above is just a small sample of sexual positions that can accommodate being fat.

There are a myriad more out there, and it’s a simple matter of trying things out that will fit you and your partner’s flexibility.