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My Son & I Had Sex – Incest Story


I never thought that I would become one of those perverts but I Had Sex and it was totally taboo. Thing is, that it happened so quickly that I don’t even quite know how it began. It was just a blur of lust and emotions that culminated in a relationship that should never have happened.

Our son Caleb was home from college. He had finally graduated and was leaving in two weeks for a new job and a new life in the big city of New York. I asked my husband Ted to take a few days off from work so the family could spend some time together.

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“I’ll see him at night,” was my husband’s reply.

I was a little hurt at his disinterest. Ted was such an ass these days, and our marriage had been in a bit of a pit lately. I was almost sure that my husband was cheating on me with someone. But I couldn’t quite hit the nail on the head.

Maybe it was my own insecurities, but the moment that he bought me a luxury vibrator named Lelo Soraya for our anniversary. So that I wouldn’t stop pestering him for sex, I knew that something was up.

Caleb would be moving a thousand miles away from us. We wouldn’t be seeing him that much from now on. He’d be busy being a corporate man, and we all know that that’s a hard slog for a few years. I’d be lucky to see him at Christmas. My husband only thought about himself and his precious career lately.

The second day that Caleb was home, I told him I was going out to get groceries.

I got in my little car that I had bought for myself out of my inheritance money and headed off. Was only about halfway down the road, maybe ten minutes, when I remembered that I had stupidly forgotten my coupons.

Paying for Caleb’s college wasn’t cheap. Money that my husband was bringing in, whilst still good, needed to go to paying off our second house in order to secure for our retirement.

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These days, I would never shop without those coupons. So I pulled over, and chastising myself, turned the car around and headed back home.  I got back home slid into the driveway and went inside the house.  Walking up the stairs I didn’t even think of Caleb aside from the fact that I didn’t see him.

I walked down the hallway towards our bedroom, the soft carpet muffled the noise of my approach. Had left the coupons on the dresser beside the bed. As I walked past Caleb’s bedroom I saw the door was open. I turned and was about to tell him about my stupidity when I looked in saw him.

He was half naked on the bed, pants off.

Watching some porn with older and larger ladies on the big screen of his wall, with his headphones in. I didn’t quite know what to do while he was slowly stroking his cock with both hands. Only paused for a few seconds, but there must have been a shadow or something. He turned sideways and saw me.

I kind of stammered my apologies whilst he just sat there staring blankly at me, not even bothering to stop stroking.


“I’m sorry,” I said and walked back to get the coupons.

Got the coupon pouch from the dresser. I was flustered, I didn’t even bother to look back in the door as I scurried past, even though I kind of wanted to. He hadn’t even closed his door and I quickly walked back out of the house. Got into the car and just sat there.

My face flushed with my mind in such a blur.

Caleb’s cock was so long and thick from the brief time I looked in, I mean who needs to use two hands to stroke it! I tried desperately to get the image out of my head and my body’s reaction to it to stop. Sat there, the air con flowing down my chest as I struggled to get my breath.

After a minute or two of sitting there, I was comfortable enough to drive. Not wanting to make a fuss about it in case Caleb saw me sitting in the driveway, I drove off.  I did my shopping, though I was still flustered. And I had to buy my favorite Women’s Magazine and sit down and distract myself by reading through the stories.

But it didn’t really work.

One of the stories was about how this woman had slept with her son’s best friend

Now they were in a relationship. Closeness of the story to my current mind was a little too close to home and I found myself having to head back home.  On the way home there was some heavy traffic and frequent stops. I took my hand and reached inside my pants. Was so worked up that I simply had to touch myself.

I knew it was so wrong to have that kind of thoughts. But sex with my husband had been nonexistent lately and I was so desperately horny that I didn’t even really care that it was my only son.  If I closed my eyes he looked like the spitting image of my husband.

I got back home, took a deep breath and opened the side door so I could easily take the groceries inside. Was just starting to put the kitchen groceries away when I saw that Caleb was sitting on the back deck.  Instantly the flush came back. When he heard me putting away the groceries, he stood up from the deck chair, opened the door. He walked inside the house. I was blushing heavily and my chest and face were flushed.

“I’m really sorry about that Mom, I should have closed the door,” he said to me.

I turned away and mumbled back in reply. “it’s okay honey, I shouldn’t be staring into your bedroom.”

Caleb walked over closer to me, making the hairs on my arms stand up, and he put his hand on my back and started to rub me. All I could think of right then was my son’s thick cock. I turned to face him and was about to tell him that he should go out for the night, just to get him out of the house. When the look he gave me made me pause. There was just something about it.

A slight twinkle in his eyes from underneath his cap. We looked at each other and then Caleb leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I thought I was about to melt right then, and I raised my arms in an attempt to push him off. But I didn’t. I should have told him no.

Before you knew it, Caleb had pulled me towards his body.

My son was tall, nearly six foot four inches in height he wasn’t muscular but he did have muscles from working in the warehouse in between classes. He towered over me and his arms were long enough to wrap around my entire body.

I felt Caleb’s tongue probing my mouth and licking my lips and like some foolish young girl I opened it for him. It all went crazy from there.

Driven by some teenage lust, Caleb was pulling my top off and his hands went to my low-hanging and large breasts.  One of the boxes of cereal fell onto the floor and snapped open, spilling everywhere.  Noise didn’t even make him pause. He managed to unhook my bra and my tits came tumbling out, swaying gently in front of him.

Caleb lowered his face and started biting my neck.

Rubbing my tits with his hands in ways that they hadn’t felt in ages. Before long he had moved his mouth down and started to suck on my already hard nipples whilst rubbing my tummy. I should have stopped it right there, I should have stopped it before then but I was almost paralyzed, and as such was letting him do whatever he wanted.

Caleb worked his hands from caressing my tummy to my waist and he got my pants and panties down.

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My son stood back and then shed his clothing.

He was practically hard before me and his cock was very quickly bouncing upwards to attention. I didn’t even realize it but before I knew it, I was holding it in my hands. My thumb gently rubbing the tip of his cock. He felt wet and it was driving me wild.

His cock was pulsing in my hands, seemingly a hot rod of lust and desire. All I could think of right then was that I needed my son. I craved his cock.

Caleb let me fondle him for a moment before he let out a gurgle. He pushed me back against the counter and got on his knees. My son parted my legs and he lowered his face to my mound.  I let out a long heartfelt moan as I felt his tongue working up and down my wet slit, long slow strokes.

Alternating into rapid tongue flicks that worked up a frenzy. I took my hands and placed them on the back of his head and pulled him closer. Didn’t want him to stop ever.


My son made me so wet. I felt the flat of his tongue at my clit, as he started to work his warmth around it. I was moaning and panting, my body awash in flushing. Think I had some small orgasms as he licked up and down my clit, along my lips to my thighs and back again.

A slight unintelligible squeal erupted from my lips and I could hear Caleb slurping contently.  Caleb stopped after a few minutes of this and he looked up at my face, his blue eyes tinged with sadness and longing.

“I need you Mom. I want to fuck you.”

It was almost a pleading, a begging of his desire.

I could have ended it right then and there but I didn’t. The next thing that I remembered was that we were in the hallway, heading towards a bedroom, I was on my knees and I was hungrily slurping his cock. I hadn’t had something like this in my mouth in forever and I could hear him moaning.

The excitement I received from his pleasure was almost enough to tip me over the edge, and before long he was thrusting his cock down my throat as far as I could take it without gagging, which wasn’t very far at all, but he didn’t seem to mind.

I was so flushed, so hot, and my mind was a blur.

I ended up on the bed, and I crawled into the doggy style position, this let my hang down and was the usual position for Caleb’s father and I. I soon felt my son Caleb positioning the engorged head of his cock at my opening, he was gripping the shaft and sliding his pre cum down my pussy.

I didn’t even think of the risks of his cum inside me, I hadn’t been able to have children after Caleb, and I wanted his warm gush deep in. I edged closer forward and I held my breath as Caleb pushed his thick cock deep inside me in one smooth, long stroke. I gasped as it filled me, and I gripped firmly onto it because I wanted it so much. He moaned a little, and sweet beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. Caleb was so much bigger than my husband. I hadn’t felt this horny in such a long time.

I watched as Caleb began to pump his long dick into me, the way he moved turned me on even more. Long sweeping strokes of his cock sliding in and out before he’d pull it, rub it lovingly on my clit and ram it back home. I took my feet and wrapped them around his back.

Then the fucking began.

All I heard was the slapping of Caleb’s balls hitting my ass and my entire body was shaking, for once I didn’t care. I just knew that I wanted every bit of that cock deep inside me. I knew he was forcing every inch of his pole into my body.

“Fuck me Caleb, harder, just fuck me!”

My son looked at my face in the mirror. He unfolded my legs and turned me onto my back and grabbed my legs and pushed them back to my chest. He stretched his body out and arched backwards, and he fed me every single inch of thick cock that he possessed.

I wanted to be used that morning and that is what Caleb did, I wanted to be fed streams of cum. I don’t remember ever being stretched by a cock like that before. My son was circling his dick around inside my pussy. He was hitting spots that I didn’t even know existed.

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Achingly, he kept going, sliding in and out and getting faster.

He was pounding me against the wall.

My body was quivering from both the movement and the pleasure. I could feel a wetness rising within me, and I knew what was coming. I gripped his arms, and held tightly murmuring unintelligibly at him.

I let out a scream as the contractions came trembling through my body and I squirted, streams of cum emerging from my body to splash over the bed and his torso. I had never done that before but Caleb had me so worked up. He smiled and bit his lip like a horny teenager, determined.

He kept sliding his dick into me and I came again. I was surprised with how long he was lasting, that I barely even registered that he’d just been jerking off beforehand.

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“I want you all to myself Mom,” he told me as he pounded into me, again and again.His balls slapping against my thighs as he thrust deeply in me.

I didn’t feel the need for anyone but Caleb then.  I did not care if my husband ever wanted to have sex with me again, I was angry that he was probably cheating on me and Caleb reminded me so much of his father in the way he looked.

Caleb wasn’t as good in bed as dad, he was still only a boy, but it was the best thing that had happened to me in ages. And I only wanted Caleb, I wanted his dick and I wanted his cum inside me. I grabbed my son’s ass as he was thrusting and I pulled him faster, and faster, my other hand grabbing his balls.

They were so warm, and they weren’t fuzzy like others I’d held.

These were smooth, shaved, with just a hint of prickling of the regrowth. As I tugged his balls I could feel him tensingup. He went faster almost pulling his cock out and then slamming it deep into my tender pussy. I moaned, I gurgled, I urged him to come and he renewed his thrusting with such intensity that I’d never felt before. Then it began. I felt his cheeks stiffen as he thrusted again and I swear his eyes nearly rolled back into his head. Then I felt it. His body jerked and twisted, as the orgasm rolled through his body, I squeezed his dick as Caleb’s cum came pouring into my body. I wanted his seed, I had to have it right now.

Caleb just seem to have an endless amount of his cream to give me.

The intensity must have been too much because he pulled it out of my warmth and a final shot of cum pulsed out and shot all the way to my neck. I could feel his hot cum scorching my pussy. When he finally stopped, he collapsed into a heap beside me, seemingly spent.

He laid there breathing heavily for a minute before he turned over, looked at me and smiled. I felt totally spent.

“I love you Mom,” he told me before licking my breasts.

All I could think of was that we had gone down a murky road and one that we could never go back to the way things were. Caleb laid there still breathing heavily and I weakly got to my feet and went to the nearby en suite to clean up. I had a quick shower where my thoughts were numb. The initial lust wearing off, I was beginning to think what an idiot I was and how much this would ruin the family. I dried myself off and went back into the bedroom where I was about to tell Caleb that he had to go. When I returned Caleb was on his back and his hands were behind his bed smiling like a conqueror. He was playing with himself again and he was already semi hard.

I was looking at his cock and before long he was erect once more.

I eyed it and was overcome with lust once again. I didn’t think I could take anymore but I had to try. I climbed on top of my son, took his cock deep in my mouth and wiped off all the cum and juice that had been sitting there. I lowered myself and Caleb fed me one more time.

I have to say it hurt some even though I still had some of Caleb’s spunk inside me. He went slowly at first. He brought his ass up as he pushed that giant cock into me. I could feel his hands on my bottom as he gripped my ass cheeks with strong soft hands. I was bobbing up and down and getting every hard inch of my son into my aching wet pussy, my tits swaying like no tomorrow.

I do remember screaming as Caleb pumped into me.

Angle he was in meant that he has hitting the spot. The feelings were so intense now. I didn’t think I could cum again but I proved myself wrong.

Caleb did shoot more cum into my body but it wasn’t like the first time around. All I could think of was that I was my son’s cum whore. I craved all his sticky seed inside me.

We finally ended our fuck session

Caleb pulled out, kissing me softly on the lips as he stroked my heaving breasts. He smiled, and bounded out I think to have a shower, im not really sure as I fell asleep pretty quickly. Exhausted from the afternoon of sex.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Ted did finally make it home but Caleb and I were subdued – there wasn’t even a hint that anything was wrong, there was no tension, no smiles, no cheeky grins. There was nothing.

Thankfully Ted didn’t want sex that night. I certainly wasn’t up for that.

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Caleb was only going to be home for another week before he started his new job and moved away. With my husband at work, Caleb and I spent as much time as we could in fucking each other together.

Caleb fucked me in every position we could think of

I taught him a few new ones. It didn’t take much to teach him, just handle him right and there was off purring like a kitten. Right before he left I gave him his going away present. I let him slide his cock into my ass. I was never big on anal, but he asked if we could give it a go and I agreed. I wanted to feel my son’s cock in my tightest hole, something that my husband had never done.

This would be Caleb’s hole, the memory of him being there would linger. God, did I scream when he finally got all nine inches into my ass. Caleb went so slowly and I was still in pain. When he did cum in me, my whole body shook uncontrollably.

Tomorrow Caleb leaves for his new life.

My husband won’t be along to see his son off. He will be too busy at work. That is just fine with me. Caleb and I plan to make love one last time and then I will see him off. I don’t know how I will hold up without Caleb’s cock inside me. I know I will need to come up with a plan to visit him so we can be lovers again.