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She Was Just 82. And she was plump as a ripe watermelon, a mature Fat Sex Story in the making.

“Oh, Mark baby,” Edith said wispily, “your hands feel so soft, and young. Do you like the way my breasts feel now that you have your hands on them at last, after all these years of your desire? I’m so old and they’re a little droopy now.”

I was so astonished and shocked that she should think I would be other than thrilled speechless to have her luxurious and  tits in my hands.

“Edith the only thing I can think of that would be more wonderful than fondling your beautiful and exotic breasts would be if you let me kiss them, lick them and suck on them too.”

She said, “I had hoped you would want to. I would really love that. Come around now and take one of these nipples in your mouth.”

She grabbed one of her breasts and held it out seductively to me.

If I had known the ultimate what Edith’s response would be when I made love to her breasts; had I known the remarkable and utter sensitivity of her nipples; had I known the force of her response before it manifested itself into what then transpired I might have been legitimately frightened to suck and lick her as I did.

In any event I did not know. How could I have known? Straightaway I took a large, erect nipple in my mouth; a nipple I had for years longed to taste. Ever since my childhood, and she was still just as beautiful as ever. I kissed it. I licked it. I sucked it with an elongating hard pull between my teeth.

mature Fat Sex Story
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Edith reacted with a long, shuddering sigh.

“Ahhhh,” she whispered, “That feels really good. Keep doing that just like that, use your teeth. Gently.”

I kept doing that just as she asked me to. The nipple I was sucking, licking or nibbling, I fondled between my thumb and forefinger, gently pinching it, pulling and rubbing.

Edith expressed her increasing pleasure as I bent to my task which I was completing happily. Her breathing quickened; she sighed and she moaned, and she drew in sharp breaths as she groaned and she grunted. Her hands came to my head and pressed my face into the pillow of soft, delicate flesh.

At least forty minutes passed as I slobbered open-mouthed taking in, not just her nipple but a generous helping of that soft surrounding flesh of that nipple that I now sucked hard, with increasingly long tongue strokes. Lashing. I worked her breasts and nipples, eagerly moving back and forth from one to the other, my own cock throbbing from underneath my pants. Edith began humping her thighs as the sensations energized an apparently direct circuit from nipples to her cunt. I was shocked at the ferocity of her expressions.

“Ahhh, like that, ohhhh yes just like that, ooooh do that, suck me, suck me Mark.

With that she clutched my face fiercely to her breast, pushed my face hard against her body and strained her hips upward, as though she was impaling herself on a phantom shaft straight up her pussy and she let out a spontaneous reaction to the orgasm that burst through her.

She cried out. She thrashed wildly about. Then she collapsed. I saw a growing wet stain spread in the crotch of her grey slacks. I pulled back and saw that her eyes had rolled up and, while open, they were unfocused.

Momentarily it scared the shit out of me. It flashed through my mind that I had killed the old woman. I cried out “Edith! Edith! Talk to me! Edith, wake up!”

mature fat sex story
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It was then that I noticed her large chest rising and falling as she inhaled deeply and seemingly began to breathe again. Slowly her eyes opened, and focused on me and a wide silly grin began to spread across her face.

She glanced downwards at her tits, still wet with my saliva; then saw her wet slacks.

“Oh you naughty, evil man,” she said grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“You have sent me to heaven and made me wet my pants. Please help me get out of these.”

And I so I helped her. She had a long, plump camel toe, wide labia and a fat clit which protruded from the apex. It still pulsed from obvious aftershocks of her incredible wet orgasm. Her labia were slack and flexing as well; small droplets of moisture clinging to her thin greying pubic hair. How anxious I was to put my mouth on her cunt, my tongue in it. But something held me back.

She read my mind and asked that I not to touch her sex because it was still too sensitive from the massive orgasm that she just had.

I helped her clean up. We kissed sweetly and I tucked Edith in her bed for the night.

“Good night darling Mark,” Edith said. “I am really surprised with myself. My goodness, what a wonderful orgasm you gave me. I haven’t had something like that in so long. But it just pooped me out. I can barely keep my eyes open. Come over tomorrow. When I am rested, we can go again. Would you like that, Marky?”

Before I could answer the old woman was asleep and purring. I swear she was purring. As I closed the door gently behind me I thought to myself that yes, yes indeed I would definitely be over to see Edith tomorrow.