BBWs – 7 Reasons Why They Will Blow Your Mind

BBWs – 7 Reasons Why They Will Blow Your Mind

BBWs – 7 Reasons Why

I feel fuckable do you want BBWs – 7 Reasons Why. And I like feeling fuckable on my own terms. I couldn’t really care less about whether people dislike what they see. If you don’t like it, then I’m not trying to fuck you, so your opinion is irrelevant.”

Let’s take a pause and reflect on the above statement. Okay. Why is society so demeaning to the chubby ladies, otherwise known as BBW? Are they any less of the ideal women? Society portrays the ideal woman to be skinny or slender with curves to match. But is it that hard for them to get their shag on? We received divided opinions but most sex lovers hold a different opinion.

We talked to seasoned shaggers out there and yes, they confessed that bbw have certain qualities that make for mind-blowing sex. Interested, let’s delve in.

Enhanced Sex Positions

According to sexpert Tyomi Morgan, a chubby girl’s curves are fluid. They move along with her body during movement. During different sex positions such as girl on top or doggie, her body loosens up and moves with each thrust, enhancing the movement of more erogenous zones. This literally drives a man buck wild.

BBW’s - 7 Reasons Why
Chubby Grandma Having Sex

Ever experienced the thunderous clapping sound a huge bum makes when slapped on a man’s pelvis? That there folks, is a recipe for a 2-hour boner.

BBWs Have Loads of Confidence

There’s nothing better than a confident, chubby girl in bed. And most bbw’s have this. Embrace her ass, breasts, her extra skin, and her FUPA. Get over it. You’ll be amazed at how steamy and hot it gets by touching that extra layer of skin and fat. It’s like some kind of aphrodisiac.

Most shaggers confess that sucking and squeezing that extra skin is a total turn-on for them. However, hiding the extra skin by avoiding certain moves only works to your disadvantage. Don’t take away from the pleasure and experience for the both of you.

bbws - 7 reasons why

Less Judgmental

Chubby, BBW and mature porn stars have had their fair share of discrimination. However, most of them are increasingly becoming sex-positive and accepting of their big partners with body hang-ups. This makes for a fun experience since both parties let their insecurities fly out the window.

Curvy Women are Instinctively Attractive

This is where nature comes to play. Men are instinctively attracted to large curvy women. A large booty, big breasts, and wider hips instinctively attract a man to procreate. She’s viewed as someone able to bring forth strong offspring and nurture them (wide hips and breasts).

This fact alone causes an instant erection and maintaining it is the secret behind a satisfying sexual experience for both. Curvy women have the best visual motivation.

Fat Woman Tattoo Has Sex With On Top Position And Younger Man

More Cushion For The Pushing

Curvy women can handle or absorb the thrust from a man with minimal or less injury to either partner. The man’s pelvis is further spared from less abrasive sex positions with a curvier woman. Sex positions such as bridging, doggie style, and women on top feel better and comfy with bbw’s since they have well-developed lower bodies.

Better Cuddlers

Curvy girls become awesome in bed when they are body confident. Whether it’s a one-night stand or a regular romp, bbw’s are snugglier and cuddlier in bed. That extra physical contact makes for an enhanced sexual bonding and connection experience. Everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated after a sexual experience. And what feeling equates to a warm, snuggly, bearish hug?

They Act as Men’s Amusement Parks

The best places to explore are the major erogenous zones; the breast, thighs, and butt. Bbw’s have larger surface areas to explore in such areas and when touched with intent, could amp up one’s sexual experience.

Such erogenous zones can be used in BDSM (love and worship for certain body parts). Let your man suck, lick and rub these parts. Both of you will love it and it will add up to both of your sexual experiences.

As we wrap it up…

There’s no shame in being curvy or endowed in certain areas. No need to beat yourself to a pulp just because you can’t attain that societal body shape. In some cases, if not most, you’ll find that genetics is at play.

Instead, embrace your curves and thickness. Learn to make it work for you and you’ll be amazed at the frequency your legs hit the chandelier.

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