More Cushion For The Pushin’: Why Chubby Sex Is Better

More Cushion For The Pushin’: Why Chubby Sex Is Better

When it comes to Chubby Sex preference is entirely subjective. Everyone has their own kinks and different elements of what turns them on. You may prefer your partner to be on the smaller side, bigger side, or not have a size or shape preference at all. Or you may even be someone who has very specific criteria for who you are willing to make love too.

There are some that are so stringent on what they want and need in the bedroom, they have height and weight requirements in order to do the deed. Or maybe you are demisexual, and only develop sexual attraction to your partner after an emotional connection has already blossomed.

Despite body shape. Regardless of your sexual attractions, getting down and dirty with someone on the chubbier side is big fun in a lot of ways.

Chubby Sex
Fat Mature Sex

Perks of Chubby Sex 

If you are someone who enjoys having sex with females, the perks of chubby sex are simply undeniable. Namely, bigger breasts. Given that boobs and butt are the most common body parts that incite sexual arousal in humans, it is fair to say, the bigger the better. Bigger boobs are a feast for the eyes, fun to handle, and sensual to squish against. You can have a steamy sexual experience entirely centered around large, buxom breasts.

Not to mention, bigger nipples and areola’s can be quite seductive. Boobs are pleasing in and of themselves, and with a chubby person, there really is more to love. There are good reasons why BBW is one of the most popular categories in porn and adult entertainment. It is hard not to lust after a curvy, voluptuous woman with meat on her bones. And if she feels sexy and confident in herself despite what society has always told her, the sex is much better because she’s rocking all that she has with self-assuredness.

She is more likely to release inhibitions and explore her sexual desires with her partner, which in turn increases her overall sex life satisfaction.

Chubby Sex Is Better

Regardless of what genders you enjoy having sex with, a bigger butt is undoubtedly one of the better aspects of chubby sex.

Of course a big butt is great to look at, but aside from the aesthetics and alluring nature of a thick butt, they jiggle and shake more, which amplifies your pleasure.

And since your butt naturally plays a huge part in sex, having.a rotund bum moving and grooving against your skin in a lustful dance can skyrocket your erotic gratification. Big butts also tend to have more dimples, which many do find charming and attractive.

chubby sex
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The bounce and rhythm you experience during sex with a plump butt is unmatched. If you’re into spanking, a sizable bottom handles spanking better and with less pain, due to the ample padding. In general, bigger body parts are more enjoyable to smother yourself with.

There are also many people that enjoy the crushing feeling of a large weight against their body. Because the physical sensations of touching, grabbing, and feeling the lush rolls of a chubbier person are greater, sexual satisfaction is heightened.

Chubby Sex Couple
Sexy Fat Sex

Simply put, skinny sex is not as tantalizing or exciting.

Two sticks rubbing together can create a fire, but maybe not the good kind.

With skinny sex, there is not as much to grab on and enjoy, which significantly diminishes the pleasure factor. Skinny sex can also make you feel cautious about your partner’s fragility – they may feel too frail to have rough sex with, You may be too scared to hurt them which leads you to holding back, and lowering your pleasure.

When engaging in sex with a chubbier person, there is plenty to steadily hold on too and plenty to grind up against. There is no fear of breaking them, except where it counts. Some may say that sex with a skinny person feels like making love to a skeleton, and it’s easy to see why. With chubby sex, there are fewer pokes and prods from bony flesh, because your partner is soft and pillowy.

That soft and pillowy body, by the way, is also very comfortable to rest against. When it comes to chubby sex, you can never ignore the potential for pure carnal bliss.

What is a Fat Fetish?

As sexual fetishes go, A Fat Fetish is just one type of kink.

If you are someone who prefers having sex with people whose bodies are large in relation to height, body weight, and/or muscle mass, you might be what’s known as a feeder. People who like to watch or imagine others eating large quantities of food might also enjoy the idea of watching (or perhaps even participating in) overeating.

A Fat Fetish

Fat fetishism is a sexual fetish that describes an attraction to a context in which fat (a substance) and obesity are eroticized and viewed as influencing the function of society and the development of human rights.

Stroking fat tissue for a person with a fat fetish usually induces sexual arousal and is often similar to breastfeeding. Fat fetishism is a sex drive for overweight or obese people.

fat lady on the top sex position

A gainer is a person of either gender who dreams of gaining weight or gaining weight for their own sexual pleasure – sexual attraction to fat, obese or obese people such as BBW (big beautiful women). This describes most but not all people who are part of the feeding community. There are fat lovers who simply gravitate towards larger people the way many people gravitate towards thin people.

There are fat fans

Who just want to enjoy the beauty of bbw and fat women (big beautiful women and big beautiful women in plus size), and the most pleasurable physical and emotional experiences I’ve personally experienced as an adult are with people of all sizes.. but who actively prefer thick partners.

Fat Fetishism (NAAFA)

Worked as a support organization for obese people but was partly formed to help fat male fetishists and other fat fans (FA) find obese women and have sex with them today. Fat fetish as a community is predominantly heterosexual, focused on obese women and slimmer men.

One of the arguments mobilized against fat fetishism is that it undermines social movements towards fat acceptance through counterproductive objectification and dehumanization of fat people. Fat fetishists claim that most members of their community engage in these fetishes only in the realm of fantasy. And are more than aware of rational boundaries. Fat fetishism is a sex drive for overweight or obese people but the trough takes pleasure in someone’s feeding process.

A Fat Fetish and chubby sex
Fat Woman Tattoo Has Sex

Obesity fetishism is a kind of physical attraction

Usually aimed at people who are overweight or obese, regardless of weight or body shape. Obesity fetishism is aimed at the sexual attractiveness of overweight or obese people, mainly because of their weight and body shape. Feederism is a subcategory of fetishism in which people have strong or even abnormal sexual attraction to overweight or obese people.


Which is a sexual subculture obsessed with overeating and weight gain. A weight gainer or feeder refers to a person of any gender who obtains sexual satisfaction through the feeder’s frequent weight gain, and a feeder is a person who helps him gain weight. An admirer is someone who gets sexual satisfaction by seeing another person gain weight, but not necessarily a breadwinner.

An encouraging person is a person who enjoys helping a gamer gain or gain weight. Obtaining when sexual satisfaction is achieved by storing fat or helping others to store it ; it is a commonly used term to describe sexual intercourse based on increased body fat.

This describes most but not all feedists. Persons who are more flexible with their fetish. And may be sexually attracted to all body types but would prefer an overweight partner. While others are only interested in fat people – people – the preferred weight for a fat fetish partner ranges from mildly overweight to so obese they cannot walk.

In 2012 following the release of Channel 4 documentary My Big Fat Fetish

Lives of four overweight women who chose not to go on a diet and instead have attracted online followers of men who pay to watch them eat have model-vocalist Stuffing Kit took her platforms to clarify something.

Fat Fetishism is at its most basic level a measurement of the size, expansion, sensations of fat or food in a person, partner or both, which is not always as narrow as outsiders would like to believe.

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